Send an email from the link below and we will send you a link with a temporary user name and password to log in to 10S Portal, our Court Registration Software. Once on the site, you will add a credit card and create an account to reserve your court. Hours and availability are displayed on the courtsheet. 
Tuesday through Friday 8am to 9:30pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am to 5pm
$25 per court for two hours and $35 per court for three hours


Reservations can Only be made online. Reservations are Required
Once you have a User name and Password use this link to:     Reserve a Pickleball Court.
• Please arrive at your reservation time.
• You will be let into the courts by an DCTC employee at your reservation time.
• Please sign the waiver, rules and contact tracing form, each and every time you enter the facilty.
• There is a key for the bathroom available for participants using the courts.
• Do not prop the gate open to the courts. We have this policy to protect our guests.
• Use a maximum of two balls per court.
• There is no coaching on the courts unless approved by DCTC.
• One individual will make the reservation for the court with their card on file.
• Maximum of four people per court. No rotating in or spectators.
• No coaching or clinics of any type unless you are employed by Del Cerro Tennis Club. 

Please allow up to 24 hours to receive an email response for reservation links.

Please keep all personal items on the benches or bleachers to protect the courts and our Pickleballers.  

Pickleball Courts 1 - 4 
Pickleball Courts 5 - 8